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Cute Asato render at the side by ticktoast!
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diabolik lovers
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[Scanlation] Something’s Missing by: Natsume Yuu

☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Heyya sinners! Did Shu’s first chapter from the Anime Anthology, so why not his second~! Hohoho have fun with this one hurr hurr (;-◞౪◟-). HQ version over here.

Special Thanks For The Scans: Taimea

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dramatical murder

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ken ga kimi
i was planning to play the pc version
but since the ps vita port will have new content i'll hold off on it then
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english is not their first language: Hello! I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
english is their first language: hte fuckign
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this entire song kills me in more ways than one
dramatical murder
Clearao ending - Voyage Lucid (Itou Kanako)


Trying to listen the lyrics of the ending to the cd drama, and wow the Clearao feels :

Candles out, the last memories

Softly kiss the shadow happiness.

Now that you are here with me,

You’ll never have to be alone.

When I am lost, I feel you in my heart.

What ever cost, you are inside of me, with me.

Together we will go, no need to be afraid,

The sadness in your eyes, I’ll make it fade away.

Tomorrow it is now,

The quiet ocean wave called time

Our love will be a boat,

I’ll never let you go.

Tonight we will set sail,

Our love…


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Anonymous sent: But damn! I really wish Expiatio was on audio! i really wanted to hear Rai say " I love Konoe" so badly!

Well, he didn’t say it aloud in the novel — those are his thoughts! Unless you meant hearing his thoughts voiced. (In fact, there was not once he said “I love you” in the novel, but if you read all his thoughts you can tell deep his love is and how devoted he is and it’s so sklgjsfdsgklfs.) But yeah, I’d love to hear him say that on audio too. I’d probably K.O. on the spot. _(:3」∠)_

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dramatical murder
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dmmd_69min went overboard [SHRIEKING]

painting practise tho uqu…

mink and keihi, I haven’t drawn keihi in forever—

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ayakashi gohan
otome game
usagi's translations
Ayakashi Gohan — CG snippet translation #2


Haginosuke: Sorry, sorry! I was thinking about how Rin looks cute whether she’s smiling or crying!

Rin: Again, you say that so simply…

Haginosuke: It wasn’t “simply”……the only girl whom I think is cute is you, Rin.

Haginosuke: I like you, and only you.

Rin: ………idiot.

Haginosuke: Yeah, I’m an idiot……because I’m an idiot, I can’t think of anything else but you, Rin.

Haginosuke’s hands gently reached out and touched my cheeks.

(His hands are so big…and warm…)

Haginosuke: You can’t run away anymore. Stay at where my hands can reach out to you.

Rin: ………yeah.

I felt my heart beating as I gave a small nod.

Then, I overlapped my hands with the hands of the person I like the most.

As I did that, Haginosuke’s face slowly came closer.

(Oh……this time it’s not the forehead…)

As I thought of that, I quietly closed my eyes.

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usagi's translations
guess who should be studying
or playing ayagohan
rai is so romantic and smooth wtf i hate him
i'm so sad now that i finished this novel because i want MORE
never enough of this series
i should stop spamming the tag omfg
(Translation) Lamento: Expiatio — Epilogue

I can’t believe I translated this thing, but anyway. For those who don’t know, Expiatio is the novelization of Lamento, and follows very very closely to the game’s events. It focuses on Rai’s route, but the difference here is — everything is told in Rai’s point of view, so you get to finally hear his thoughts yay! Expiatio contains a new epilogue for the route that wasn’t in the game, and this is said epilogue.

This epilogue takes place some time after Rai’s good end, and basically it’s about Rai and Konoe going back to Ransen for the andou (dark winter) festival. Beware of spoilers if you’ve yet to finish his route.

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