"I-I don’t go to school, so I write the things I learn in here."

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the romance in tenroujima arc | x

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( ●´艸`● ) the ED is so cute! Policemen Rin & Sosuke. YES. 

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Wow… all this is my blood? It feels like I’m taking a warm bath.

… now I feel cold…

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yndr-the-sea . psd

uh….. uuuhhhhhh………i’m sure firefighter makoto also has a killer whale mode

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Rin is so angelic no matter what 

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putting on head phones when your volume is at 100%


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» No, Thank You!!! –– Licensed!



And to recap our final Anime Expo license announcement, we’ve partnered with pa-rade to bring over our first BL game, No, Thank You!!!

NTY is a rather unique BL game, with a much wider range of body types than usually featured in BL as well as a seme (top) protagonist. The game features art by Hamashima Shigeo (Eroge, Euphoria and others) and settings to adjust the amount of body hair visible on the characters (more on that later). 

The game is set around a cozy little jazz bar in Ikebukuro called sótano. Our protagonist rescues the owner of the bar, Kouichi Inui, from being hit by a runaway car and develops amnesia as a side effect of the accident. Kouichi takes him in and gives him a job as thanks for saving his life and the staff at sótano give him the name Haru. 

As Haru starts learning the ropes at the bar he discovers that there’s more to sótano than first meets the eye––the bar is really a front for a sort of detective agency, specializing in solving problems that more traditional (legal) solutions aren’t well suited to handling. As the story progresses, Haru becomes increasingly involved in both the less-than-official side of sótano and his male coworkers, while we begin to uncover some of Haru’s secrets as well…

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Happy birthday Carmen! - July 8th

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You are mine.
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